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Gopstein to Attorney General: “Order a criminal investigation to be opened against Jamal Zahalka”

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Gopstein to Attorney General: “Order a criminal investigation to be opened against Jamal Zahalka”
Benzi Gopstein this morning (Wednesday) turned to the Attorney General with a demand to investigate former MK Jamal Zahalka for his statements advocating the murder of Jews * Zahalka said this morning on Reshet B: “Actions are needed to bring the occupation to an end”
Yedidya Grossman, Yemanim 18/11/20
Lehava Chairman Benzi Gopstein turned this morning (Wednesday) to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, demanding that he immediately order a police investigation against former MK Jamal Zahalka. This is due to the following statements made last night by Zahalka in an interview on the “Tonight on Kan” on Reshet B: “Actions have to be done that will lead to the end of the Israeli occupation. I mean by this that there should be a popular uprising, civil rebellion in the West Bank against the occupation. 100,000 palestinians can besiege a settlement and separate it from the world.”
In his letter to the Attorney General, Gopstein writes: “Dr. Mandelblit, these words are unequivocable and unambiguous. This is clear incitement to murder settlers in Judea and Samaria.”
Gopstein emphasizes to Mandelblit that “on other much less serious words that I said, you supported my disqualification from running for the Knesset (while Zahalka and the rest of the members of Balad, you approved time after time), and you issued an indictment against me for ‘incitement’”.
At the end of his letter Gopstein writes to the Atty. Gen.: “In light of the above, I turn to you with a demand to immediately order that a criminal investigation be opened against this enthusiastic supporter of murder of Jews, Jamal Zahalka.” But at the same time, Benzi clarifies that he’s not hanging his hopes on his letter to him: “It should be made clear that in light of your behavior and your selective enforcement you employ until now against those who love Israel, I am not hanging my hopes that as a result of this letter, you will do anything on this subject. But in the event that you do not do anything, then it is appropriate that the people of Israel be exposed once again to the discrimination perpetrated by the head of the General Prosecution of the State of Israel.”
This is not the first time that Lehava chairman Benzi Gopstein has sent a letter to the Attorney General; last August Gopstein sent a letter wherein he mentioned a YouTube channel that incites to a massacre, even clearly to assassination of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.