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Jewish labor – the order of the day!

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Benzi’s latest “Behind the Flames” column in the Shabbat weekly Matzav HaRuach:
Jewish labor – the order of the day!
I have pointed out, more than once in my column on this stage, the phenomenon of nationalistic terror that is striking a blow on the State of Israel. The term “nationalistic terror” was coined by Rabbi Kahane. It blends the terms “nationalistic” and “sexual” (“leum” & “mini”), meaning sexual offenses committed against a nationalistic background.
As I stated, I have pointed out this phenomenon more than once, but the time has come to point it out yet again. Last week, two awful incidents of nationalistic terror took place that did not lead to any explosive headlines in the media and did not open any newscasts. Here they are for your perusal:
The first incident: A 50-year-old Arab transport driver was arrested on the suspicion that he committed indecent acts on a 20-year-old Jewish girl with special needs.
In the second incident, no less shocking, the details of which came first-hand to the Lehava organization: In a building located in a well known, central Charedi neighborhood, a number of young Jewish women in their 20’s live – also with special limitations. Last Thursday, a number of items were ordered for the apartment from a Charedi supermarket that is well-known in the city. But no one dreamed that a routine delivery of items of food would turn into a nightmare: The Arab delivery boy knocked on the door of the girls’ apartment. One of them opened it for him, and in response, he took her forcefully to the apartment’s external security room and committed severe sexual offenses on her. From the information at our disposal, it appears that although a police investigation has been opened, the suspect has still not been arrested.
Two different cases of rape, by two Arabs against two young Jewish women with limitations, in one week (!).So, these incidents got extremely poor journalistic coverage, which included a tweet on Twitter and a small news item on an obscure news website. You can guess, of course, the magnitude of the outcry that would have been evoked had it been the other way around: Radio programs, TV, news sites, newspapers, there would have been no letup on dealing with this around the clock. The Israeli police would have announced the formation of a special investigative team for the incident, and within days suspects would have been arrested and held until the end of proceedings against them, together with indictments that would have been issued against them with lightening speed; but in the Jewish state, it turns out, the blood of young Jewish girls is cheaper than that of those who aren’t Jewish.
We, of course, will not give up, and we will continue to follow up and act so that these cursed rapists get their just due. But until then, we call on you to take the following steps so that we can prevent the next incident:
a. Jewish labor – the order of the day! Do not employ the enemies of Israel and do not let them into your home. They see your daughters as “hefker”, sexual objects to satisfy their needs. Give support to your Jewish brothers and sisters; sometimes that’s a little more expensive, but in the end it will certainly pay off.
b. Keep an eye on your daughters, pay attention to whoever they hang out with. Make damn sure you know who their transport driver is, and who is the delivery person who brings goods to their home.
Because the honor of the Jewish people, in particular, the honor of their daughters, comes before everything.
Shabbat Shalom.
To report incidents and to donate: 074-7871390
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