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The Reform – An anti-Jewish current

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Benzi’s latest “Behind the Flames” column in “Matzav HaRuach” this week:
The Reform – An anti-Jewish current (it won’t stop with Rabbi Eliyahu)
One of the most fantastic articles written by Rabbi Kahane was the one dealing with one of the fundamentals of the difference between Orthodox Judaism – the true version – and Reform “Judaism”. The Rabbi explains that the Days of Awe, as the days of judgment when the fate of man is determined for his coming year, symbolize the gaping abyss between Judaism in its original form and the Reform distortion.
“Judaism”, writes the Rabbi, “is not something dry, cold, that can be measured, whose ideas can be analyzed and then agreed to or rejected on the basis of human power of judgment. It is not man who “agrees” with religious principles out of his personal desire, or who appoints himself the role of the judge and mediator who decides what is truth and what is not, and thus he himself becomes the true G-d. Judaism is not a shallow system of worship, which is maintained due to social needs and the preservation of ancient customs, a kind of system that satisfies palate and ego, undisputed and acceptable to everyone, a system adapted to society’s values and patterns.”
The mitzvah of the succa, which we are celebrating now, is one of the mitzvot that the Reform have no problem with; they build a wooden structure beautifully decorated and sit together to eat. We celebrate it, of course, because it is a mitzva from the Torah, but the Reform see it as “a system that satisfies palate and ego, undisputed and acceptable to everyone”, as the Rabbi wrote about it. So what does bother the Reform?
Last week, it can be recalled, the High Court decided to put Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu on trial. The ones submitting the petition to make him stand trial was the Reform movement. Even when the High Court disqualified me and my friends, Dr. Michael Ben Ari and Baruch Marzel from running in the elections, there were those of the Reform who petitioned the court. Because the Reform do not fight against whoever gives nice “vorts” about Succot; they fight against whoever exposes their lie, and whoever works proudly toward the goals that the Reform have been trying to wipe out for hundreds of years already: Jewish nationalism, the fight against assimilation, the way we should behave towards our enemies, the separation between Israel and the nations, and essentially, at this time: The Jewish character of the State.
When the decision was publicized, I was reminded of the conference of the newspaper Makor Rishon which took place recently, and in which a well-known rabbi from Religious Zionism participated in a ZOOM meeting with a senior representative of the Reform movement from France, for the purpose of “bringing about a meeting of the hearts”. In spite of sharp public criticism, the rabbi did not change his mind and even justifies and encourages other meetings with the Reform. We can hope that the decision by the High Court judges last week will cause that rabbi to be disillusioned, and to recognize that the Reform’s goal is not to dialogue with rabbis, but to silence them.
The High Court’s decision on the matter of Rabbi Eliyahu, then, should be a warning sign to the National Religious public. There is no more explicit call than this, in one word: AWAKEN. This won’t stop with Rabbi Eliyahu. As long as the State of Israel allows the well-oiled Reform war machine against Judaism to continue to exist, and as long as the High Court judges continue to represent them faithfully, the fate of freedom of speech for rabbis, conservative and liberal alike, is in danger.
Chag Sameach.
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